Norway and its particular Strict Anti-Marijuana Stance

Norway and its particular Strict Anti-Marijuana Stance

In Norway, the control, use, purchase, transportation, and cultivation of cannabis are outlawed. Cannabis is considered and treated as a narcotic substance and the ones who’re caught along with it are at the mercy of fines and imprisonment. In reality, even though you show or prove to own no intention to offer or utilize cannabis, you might be nevertheless liable under Norwegian legislation and so subject to punishment thoughts is broken caught in control of any volume of the substance.

Charges and punishments

Individuals caught with little amounts, or not as much as 15 grms, of cannabis will need to spend financial fines because this will be generally speaking regarded as being for individual usage. Any such thing beyond the limit that is 15-gram be used as dealing in cannabis and offenders will need to spend heavier charges, including prison term.

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First-time offenders that are caught with cannabis for individual usage will need to pay fines of 1,500 to 15,000 NOK. Leer más