«A Lot of Pathetic Losers»

MAIL PURCHASE WIFE is a parody of documentaries and a satire of white US males who buy mail purchase brides from Asia. The author and manager, Andrew Gurland, plays a form of himself, a real-life documentary filmmaker who offers cash to a lonely, fat doorman known as Adrian in order for Adrian can find a male purchase bride and Andrew can movie their brand new life together. Adrian selects Lichi, quite a burmese woman whom agrees to Adrian’s wedding proposition after a number of letters plus a trade of photographs.

Adrian actually is a hard taskmaster and a sadist, but, whom forces Lichi which will make sadomasochistic videos in the dirty basement. Lichi operates to Andrew for security, providing Andrew a duplicate of one of Adrian’s ill videos for evidence. Although Andrew currently includes a gf, he sleeps with Lichi. When Lichi desires more from their relationship, Andrew declines, therefore Lichi operates back into Adrian.

Andrew discovers, nevertheless, from Adrian again, and Lichi divorces Adrian so that she and Andrew can get married that he has developed feelings for Lichi, so he rescues her. Leer más

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