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According to him, the position is «the expression of a private opinion of the club PO councilors.» «I do not understand why you want the job to dress in all Council of Warsaw» – appealed to councilors Terlecki PO.Oskar Hejka (PiS) estimated that PO once again trying to politicize city council. «Horse shoes, frog leg substitutes» – said the councilor. He argued that the law court does not lie with the city council. The head of Law and Justice, Cezary Jurkiewicz councilors asked whether in other cities ruled by the PO will also be adopted similar stand on. SN. The club did not receive odpowiedzi.Szef councilors Jaroslaw Szostakowski stressed that the constitution is important for Warsaw, including the Platform for voters. «We have the right, as the city council, speak your mind, when the constitution is broken,» – said Councilor PO. He added that the support position by the majority of councilors, it becomes the position of the entire Council of Warsaw. «We propose that the Council of Warsaw declared for the Constitution and the rule of law» – he stressed Szostakowski.Wtorowala chairwoman of the city council Ewa Malinowska-Grupinska (PO), which recognized that the vote on the position is one of the most important votes this term rady.Paulina Piechna- Wieckiewicz initiative (Poland, councilor Non-attached Member) stressed that on Tuesday Warsaw Agreement, which form the initiative Poland, the Free City of Warsaw, the parties together and the Greens, presented a similar draft pos Leer más